Thursday, October 6, 2022

Name Studies

      In writing students have been studying each other's names. They have been exploring the letters and sounds. Each week we have been working on a different student's name, and this week is all about Emmett! Students have built his name in various ways. The other part of writing this week has been all about Heart Stories - or stories that matter to students from their own lives and experiences. We have been brainstorming and doing story maps to prepare for writing these.

     Reading and math have been all about practicing some known skills. Students are reading using a computer program called Lalilo and also reading independently from physical books of their choosing. Plus, students are reading with teachers practicing specific skills such as CVC words or words containing vowel teams. In math students have been reviewing math skills at their individual levels by playing math games and doing activities with teachers.

     In Science students have been exploring the science aspects of fall. At the end of last week they learned about why leaves change color and fall off trees. This week they learned about why pumpkins are orange and how pumpkins have changed over time through trait selection by humans.

Unified Arts Update:

Enrichment - Students did not have this class last week.
PE - Students were able to run around the school path and scooter in the gym one day while the other day was all about underhand throwing skills and included some bowling.
Music - Students practiced their rhythm skills using drums and did some singing as well.
Art - Students were practicing their cutting skills and folding skills to make paper banners. Their first practice one was made out of regular paper while their second one was able to be made out of tissue paper.
Spanish - Students were able to learn more words and phrases of their choosing. Then they practiced saying in Spanish food that they either like or don't like.
Library - Students got to choose new books and then listened to a podcast reading of the Rumplestiltskin fairy tale while building with Legos.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Celebrations and Hard Work

     Students had already earned a school-wide celebration but last week they also earned a classroom celebration. We watched a show and had popcorn! This celebration was earned through positive actions and positive words in our classroom community. 

     While we love celebrating with students, we also want students to work hard to learn and practice important academic skills. During Math, Ms. Davis has continued to work with students on their independent math thinking through windowpane reviews as well as cooperation through math games. They are learning to break larger numbers apart into their smaller parts. During Reading, Ms. Dumas finished up doing some math assessments and has begun working with students in groups on specific reading skills. She also introduced a fun reading practice game that students can do on their computers. During Writing, Ms. Dumas has continued the study of student names in our classroom. This week we focused on Calvin! Students also did some creative writing using silly picture prompts.

Unified Arts Update:

Enrichment - Students watched a science video all about flight and the physics of it.
PE - Students continued to work through circuit exercises. They learned some new skills and practiced old ones. One day when there was a substitute teacher they even did rollerblading!
Music - Students continued to practice singing camp songs and rounds.
Art - Students finished designing and coloring their iguana pictures.
Spanish - Students watched a video about Spanish-speaking countries and learned some common phrases.
Library - Students listened to a read aloud and picked out new books.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Working out our brains and bodies!

     Students are continuing to get comfortable in our classroom and settle into the school year routines. In writing students have begun a Name Study project. Each week they are exploring the name of one of their classmates (the sounds, the letters, the syllables). They are also working on writing heart stories - stories that really matter to them because they are about things they love. In reading Mrs Dumas is getting to know each student as a reader and gauging their current skills and abilities. In math students have continued to learn and review games that help them practice math skills. Ms Davis has also been working with students on base 10 skills using visuals and manipulatives.

Unified Arts Update:

Enrichment - Students participated in centers such as graph drawing, LEGOs, imaginative play store, and chain reactions.
PE - Students started a fitness unit where they are practicing a circuit of moves.
Music - Students have continued to practice and learn camp songs. They are even experimenting with rounds, which can be tricky!
Art - Students started a project where they are adding designs and patterns to the interior of an iguana outline.
Spanish - Students were able to express words and phrases they would really like to learn in Spanish while also reviewing Spanish greetings and how to respond.
Library - Students got to shop from the Book Fair before picking out library books and creating an expressive name picture.

Name Studies

      In writing students have been studying each other's names. They have been exploring the letters and sounds. Each week we have been...